Penomet Review: My Candid Experience

I am a 25 year old bloke that has a small problem. In my opinion I have a small Dick. So what can I do? I can tell you what not to do. And that is not buy into the Penomet bull. Yup I am one of those Dudes that was taken in by Penomet. Stupid huh!

So having read the many reviews and even a Dude from California raving about Penomet I thought why not? well the cost for a start. What a dumbass I am.

He claims it feels like a mouth around your Dick. No man, it doesn’t. More like a girl with revenge on her mind.

So I really wanted this to work, as my Dick could do with an extra couple of inches and my stamina could be improved.

The Penomet was a pain, literally to use. It didn’t give my Dick extra length or girth and as for stamina, nope. And I did read the instructions on how to use it. And I did lessen the suction. But this Penis enlarger Just does not work.

After 3 months of using Penomet I feel really really let down.

And having looked again on this Dudes site from California, yup you guessed it he gets money from Penomet if someone buys a product from this link. Why did I not look at this before. I will tell you why, I wanted a bigger Dick. Total fool.

Dr Jamerson says that it “brings penile enlargement to the masses” I am just not sure after all where are all the statistics? Who is the Dick here. Yup me.

Now having looked into Penomet further there are lots of problems due to damage, yup damage to your Dick. Why are they not saying this in bold on their website. Its mental.

Even on a sexual health site, they too are affiliated to Penomet. So who do we trust?

Certainly not Penomet.

I was left with pain, discolouration and NO improvements. So we really need the lowdown on Penomet. We need a clear list of who are Penomets affiliates, before we make the decision to buy this product.

There must be more out there that have bought this product and have been left feeling conned and have suffered pain and soreness.

I really wish that I  had never bothered as not only have I spent a lot of money I wouldn’t have suffered the pain and discomfort. I have had tenderness, throbbing and not in a good way, and soreness. Not great when having to go to out of the house.

I think if this really worked every Dude would be walking around with an impressive Dick.

I feel Penomet have misled and fooled me and really don’t want anyone else feeling the same as me. So all I can say is do not be duped into the hype that Penomet sells.

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